Bonuses and bonus balance

Bonuses can be obtained by participating in various Margex marketing campaigns. The amount of Bonus funds received will depend on the unique rules and conditions of each separate campaign. A breakdown of bonus balances for all currencies can be found on the Wallet page of your account.

Bonus balance is automatically used to cover up to 50% all trade fees and funding incurred while trading.


How Bonuses Work

After closing a position, up to 50% of trade fees and funding incurred for that trade will be reimbursed from the Bonus balance and credited to your Wallet of the same currency.

Each collateral currency will have a separate bonus balance which is used to cover trade fees/funding only when trading with the same corresponding collateral currency.

For example, if using ETH as margin collateral, only the ETH bonus balance will be used to reimburse trade fees/funding incurred. Bonus balances for one currency will not be used to cover trade fees or funding incurred when trading with another collateral currencies.

A detailed breakdown for each collateral currency, including bonus balances is reflected in the 'Your Balances' section of the Wallet page:


The Bonus Balance reflected in the ‘Total Balances’ section of the Wallet page is indicative, and simply reflects the combined bonus balances for all collateral currencies, calculated in BTC for convenience:

11Bonus balance.png

If Bonus balance is 0, any trade fees/funding costs will be accordingly deducted from the trade’s Margin.

All bonus rebates are reflected in the ‘Details’ column of the Transaction History on the Wallet page, as ‘Bonus rebate’ type transactions:

12Bonus rebate transaction.png


Sign-up Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are aimed at providing traders an opportunity to try out the platform fee-free.

When registering an account on Margex, new users are granted a $50 bonus balance for every collateral currency.

To activate these bonuses, simply click on the ‘Deposit’ button for the currencies that you wish to deposit:

13Bonuses activate.png

These bonuses can only be claimed once for each currency.


First Deposit Bonuses

The First deposit bonus is granted for a trader’s first deposit of 0.004 BTC or the equivalent of $200 in other currencies.

Once a qualifying deposit has been completed, the bonus will be automatically credited to the bonus balance for the same collateral currency.

This bonus can only be claimed once.