Margex 2.0 Debuts with New Trading Platform Design

Redesigned Margex 2.0 platform features updated look, brand new tools.

The Margex 2.0 design brings a fresh look to the always-reliable desktop version. The updated design also introduces an all-new dark mode, letting users add a personal touch to the platform’s visual layout. We’ve also added some new features to make it easier for users to access everything you need.

The newly redesigned platform, in the near future, will support a brand crypto wallet, enabling a simple and reliable storage solution for keeping assets safe yet ready to copy trade in just a few clicks. Securely deposit BTC, ETH, USDT, and many more coins with Margex.

You can visit our website to see how much more refined and user-friendly it has become. Trade cryptocurrencies all in one, supremely convenient place.

The New Platform Design awaits you. Try it out right now!