TapSwap Telegram Game: Here’s How to Make Big Profits With It

While tap-to-earn smartphone games are becoming increasingly popular, following the emergence of Hamster Kombat and Notcoin, another game has broken into the market to allow its users make some profits by tapping on their screens. This exciting new game is called TapSwap. By playing it you can become a member of a large fan community, as well as earn bonuses, buy various in-game products and earn real crypto which you can later trade on exchanges. Unlike other similar crypto games, TapSwap runs on the Solana blockchain which is called by its fans an “Ethereum killer.”

TapSwap appears on the market

TapSwap is mini-app powered by Telegram. It allows users to mine cryptocurrencies by means of giving quick touches to their smartphone screens. Thanks to a user-friendly design, this game has quickly grown popular not only among crypto lovers but also among regular players.

TapSwap was released in February this year and its Telegram channel quickly grew into one of the most popular ones for such a game. Hosting more than 23 million users, it became the second biggest after Hamster Kombat’s one and surpassed Notcoin’s channel with its 8.3 million followers.

The game has a native token Solana-based called TAPS and it is granted to players for every tap they make. After that, players are free to use this money inside the game itself in various ways. For example, they can purchase upgrades, take part in combats. However, those wishing just to accumulate TAPS are free to transfer them to a third-party wallet and out of the game.

What is Margex?

TapSwap has quickly become so popular that it outnumbered other popular cryptocurrency-related apps on Telegram with its high user engagement level and a healthy ecosystem.

Here’s how TapSwap operates

Since TapSwap is pretty similar to many other tap-to-earn games, like Hamster Kombat and Notcoin, users just need to install the game’s app on their phone via Telegram. This game has a simple major mechanic – users just need to tap on a gold coin they see on the phone screen and this will score them points. The strength with which to tap is regulated by an “Energy” bar – it shrinks as you tap and then it slowly replenishes, allowing players to tap on.

The game offers several incentives on a daily basis, e.g. “Tapping Guru” (allowing you to get more points per every tap) and “Full Tank” (it helps to replenish your energy bar quicker), to help players play the game.

You can even buy premium boosters, if you feel energetic and are ambitious to earn more coins quickly. Aside from the extra coins, these power-ups boost your energy bar and increase the recovery rate that you lose when tapping. One of the things that many players adore is the Tap Bot. With it, you don’t even have to do any tapping. It is sufficient just to check in every 12 hours to pick the easy rewards it earns for you.

Here’s how to start playing TapSwap

There is nothing complicated here. All you need to start playing is a smartphone. Set up a Telegram account. Find a TapSwap bot on Telegram and activate it to start tapping and earning TAPS coins. These were issues in a limited supply of just one billion. Half of them has been set aside for the gamers community.

The other half of the TAPS supply is used for bettering the game and user experience, for paying rewards to the game’s team and support the token’s liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the more you play, earn TAPS and contribute them, the more chances you have to earn a much bigger stash of them.

Once you have done a bit of tapping, feel free to look out for other fun stuff you can do to earn more coins and bonuses: you can join forces with out players, boost your tapping power or start entering tap fights to get extra benefits and to have more fun (you can show everyone that you are the quickest and the coolest tapper around here, etc). If you feel like spending some of your earnings, you can use your TAPS to buy some useful gear in the game, add more power-ups to make your character look cool.

Today, on July 1, the TapSwap team finally conducted an airdrop in which all players who wished to get some free TAPS coins had a great chance to do that.

Some tips on external wallets for TAPS

It is possible to withdraw TAPS coins you earn to an external wallet if you would rather not spend them in the game. This way you can stack them and start trading TAPS on crypto exchanges, once this coin is officially launched.

The team recommends that players use Solana-compatible wallets to store their hard-earned TAPS. Most of them are free to download and to use, including those that offer support for TAPS. However, in order to pay the transaction fees (also known as gas fees) on the Solana blockchain, which is native to TAPS, you would need SOL – Solana’s native tokens.