What is Blum: New Tap-to-Earn That May Prove Promising Crypto Project

Tap-to-earn cryptocurrency games on Telegram are becoming a real trend these days. While Notcoin and Hamster Kombat are gaining traction with the crypto community pretty fast, there is a new project that may well turn into a big rival for them. It is a hybrid crypto exchange Blum that also has its own gaming mini-app on Telegram.

Why Blum is getting popular fast

Blum users can trade, grow and farm Blum Points by fulfilling numerous interactive tasks. Users engage with the rest of the community, complete various missions, and send invitations to friends to get maximum of rewards. Blum Points are what you use within the game’s ecosystem and you can potentially trade them for boosts and other bonuses and benefits within the Telegram-based mini-app.

The Blum games enables players to earn crypto through tapping on their screens. This concept has become popular lately along with blockchain gaming rising in popularity. It provides users with an engaging way to earn crypto rewards. Players usually tap or click on various elements which are part of the game’s interface – characters, objects, etc. The points earned this way can later be converted into actual cryptocurrency.

In particular with Blum, players are engaged in a vast number of various activities in the game earning coins. Later, those coins can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or players can instead use them within the ecosystem, buying upgrades or in-game bonuses and items. Aside from tapping on objects and characters, players get themselves busy with completing various tasks, taking part in contests or engage with fellow-players in that huge gaming environment.

To receive token rewards securely, players need to connect their cryptocurrency wallets to the game. They can easily connect such wallets as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, which offer enhanced security and enables users to control their funds better.

Aside from rewards, the game’s mechanism uses smart contracts for distributing rewards, manage in-game transactions, or allow players to stake tokens they earn to receive extra bonuses.

Main features of Blum game

Blum offers users to benefit from several main features that enable them not only to profit from the game but also to receive additional benefits.

Blum offers its users and players to enjoy its hybrid exchange model, i.e. they are free to access tokens from both decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges with a wide range of trading options, including derivatives trading with futures and options. The Blum exchange offers support for more than 30 various blockchains and their native cryptocurrencies.

Users earn Blum points as they click on the farm button in the mini-app on their smartphones. Checking in every eight hours allows them to collect their earned Blum Points.

Aside from possibilities to earn by clicking and trading, users are offered an engaging environment. As part of it, they can take live Q&A sessions, user tutorials, and read blog posts to keep them in the know about recent developments within the Blum ecosystem. The community remains active through constant interaction as they perform new tasks and challenges and receive new incentives upon completing those tasks.

Here’s how to earn extra Blum Points

Below there are several ways of how to earn main and extra Blum Points. This is possible if you start farming, fulfilling tasks, and begin inviting friends via the referral program. So far, Blum Points can only be used within the game’s ecosystem. However, as future updates land, opportunities may rise for players to begin trading those Points or convert them into other rewards.

First of all, a new user must register following an invitation link, which leads them to the Blum bot on the Telegram app. After that, a user can begin farming Blum Points. They need to click the “farm” button within the mini-app. It is important to keep checking-in regularly so as not to miss out on potential Points. Aside from interacting with the Blum bot and completing all the tasks you can find, it is also important to follow Blum’s regular updates on social media and also take part in the Blum airdrop which is scheduled for June 2024. Being active on Blum’s social media accounts will give you a chance to earn more Points by sharing content or participating in community activities.

Near future prospects for Blum

Blum is currently growing fast, expanding its popularity and community of daily active players. It has plans to broaden its functionality, add new innovative features by the end of this year. As new updates will start rolling out, users will see a mobile and web versions of the game.

The mini-app will gain some improved capabilities; “Memepad” for promoting and user engagement with new projects is expected to launch as well. Expansion of services and integration of advanced capabilities is also in stock for players in 2024.

However, no matter how fast and well Blum and other similar projects grow and expand – Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, etc – it is always important to stay mindful about the risks that can be faced by users as they invest their funds in the crypto space and begin using emerging platforms.