How referral program works

Margex Referral program is an excellent way to earn for those who do not wish to trade themselves or traders who wish to make passive profits. By sharing your affiliate link, you can build a referral network of traders and receive 40% of all trade fees paid by your referrals!

On the "Referral" page of your account you will find details and core statistics of your referral network, the status of your referral payouts as well as additional materials, such as a Marketing Kit, to help you grow your referral network and increase your earnings!

Referral payouts are processed once a day between 12:00 and 15:00 UTC. Pending referral payouts are updated hourly on the "Referral" page and are credited to account Wallet balance and can be further withdrawn or used for trading.

Note: Referral payouts do not apply to trade fees/financing which have been charged from a referrals Bonus balance

A short video guide on how the referral program works: