How to make a deposit

At Margex you can deposit BTC directly to your account or buy BTC via Changelly directly through your Margex account.

To make a Deposit, navigate to the

Margex Wallet deposit button highlight

The deposit menu will now appear:

Margex Wallet deposit screen

Here you will find 2 deposit options:

1) BTC deposits from your personal wallets to your Margex account Wallet.

- Copy your Margex BTC address
- Paste the address into the destination field on the site/wallet from which you are transferring your funds (or simply scan the QR-code).

2) Purchase BTC via Changelly, using your bank card

- Enter the currency and amount that you wish to pay with
- Click "Exchange". You will then be redirected to Changelly where you can enter your payment details and confirm your purchase.

Note: BTC deposits require 1 block confirmations. You can follow the status of your deposit in your "Wallet", under "Transations history"

See our short guide on How to buy bitcoin using Changelly directly through your account.

A short video guide on how to make a deposit: