How to place, manage and edit your orders

How to place an order

To place an order, go to the Trade page of your account.

How to place a trade on Margex
  1. Select the trading pair you wish to trade
  2. Select order parameters, such as the order type, quantity (size) of your order, leverage, and in the case of a Limit or Stop order - the limit or stop price.
  3. Place your order by clicking BUY or SELL to place a long or short order respectively.

Your active orders will be reflected in the "Active orders" section

active order section

How to cancel your orders

All currently active orders are reflected in the "Active Orders" section. This section allows you to manage, edit and cancel any active orders.

Margex Trade table Active Orders highlight

To cancel an open order, simply click the (X) on the left hand side of the order that you wish to cancel:

Margex Trade table close button highlight

How to add stop loss and/or take profit to your positions

S/L and T/P orders can be placed from the "OPEN DEALS" module of the

Margex Trade table Stop Loss and Take Profit cell highlight

When adding a S/L or T/P to a position, simply enter the desired S/L or T/P price.

A short video guide on how to open/close a position