How to Withdraw

To make a withdrawal, navigate to the Wallet page.

  • Click Withdraw:

50Withdraw button.png

  • In the drop down menu, select the currency that you wish to withdraw:

51Withdraw drop down menu.png

  • Enter your withdrawal address, amount and click 'Withdraw':

52Withdraw info.png

  • To confirm your withdrawal, copy and paste the PIN code into the Pin code field received via email (make sure to double check that you have selected the correct withdrawal address):

53Withdraw pin code.png

  • Click 'Confirm' to confirm the withdrawal

Once confirmed, a withdrawal will be reflected as ‘Pending’ in the Transaction history:

54Pending withdrawal.png

When confirming a withdrawal, the withdrawal amount will be immediately reserved on your Wallet, with the Available balance decreasing accordingly.

A pending withdrawal can be cancelled at anytime prior to the withdrawal processing period. To cancel a withdrawal, simply click the 'X' button in the 'Status' column of the Transaction history:

55Cancel withdrawal.png

After cancelling a withdrawal, the funds reserved for the withdrawal are unlocked in your Wallet and can be used for further trading.


Withdrawal processing conditions and timeframes

All pending withdrawal requests are processed once a day, between 12:00 - 14:00 UTC.

For security reasons Margex stores the majority of funds on a cold wallet while maintaining a limited amount of funds on its online hot wallet. Withdrawals placed before 12:00 UTC are processed on the same day. Withdrawals placed after 12:00 UTC are processed the following day.

The status of your withdrawals will be reflected on the Wallet page of your account, in the Transaction History section.