How to place and manage orders


How to place an order

To place an order, navigate to the Trade page of your account:

34How to place an order.png

  • Choose the asset that you wish to trade
  • Select order parameters: such as your collateral currency to be used as margin, order type, quantity (size) of your order, leverage, and in the case of a Limit or Stop order - the limit or stop price and you
  • Place your order by clicking BUY or SELL to place a long or short order respectively.

Your active orders will be reflected in the ‘Active Orders’ section of the Trade interface

Once an order is executed it will be filled and a corresponding position will be opened. All open positions can be managed from the ‘Open positions’ section of the Trade interface.

Note: An ‘Instant orders’ option can be enabled in the account Settings menu. This feature allows traders to place and manage orders more quickly by removing all order confirmation windows:

35instant orders.png

While 'Instant orders' is enabled, orders will be placed immediately upon clicking BUY or SELL buttons in the order placement module, without any additional confirmation windows, taking into account the order parameters set at the time.

It is important to exercise care when using this feature to avoid placing accidental orders.


How to Cancel an Active Order

All currently active orders are reflected in the ‘Active Orders’ section. This section allows traders to review and cancel any active, unfilled orders.

To cancel an active order, simply click the (X) under the order that you wish to cancel and click Close Limit or Close Market to close the position via a limit order or a market order respectively:

36Cancel orders.png