How to manage open positions


Managing open positions

All Open positions are reflected in the ‘Open Positions’ section of the Trade page:

25Open positions.png

Here you can control and manage all of your open positions - review the current stats of your open trades, add/edit Stop Loss or Take Profit, as well as close positions.


How to close a position

To close a position, simply click the ‘Close X’ button located below the ID of the position that you wish to close and select a closing method. You can close your deal with a limit order or instantly with a market order:

26Close position.png


How to Add Stop Loss and/or Take Profit to Open Positions

S/L and T/P orders can be placed from the ‘Open Positions’ section of the Trade page by clicking the corresponding field in the Take profit / Stop loss columns:

27Protective orders.png

When adding a S/L or T/P to an active order or position, simply enter the desired S/L or T/P price (or alternatively, select the ROE% at which the SL or TP will be triggered) and click "SET":

28TP and SL.png

Take Profit protection orders are Limit orders and will be executed accordingly. Stop Loss protection orders are Market orders and will be executed accordingly.


How to add/remove margin to a position

Adding or removing margin to/from a position lets traders reduce or increase the amount of their personal margin in a trade (essentially, decreasing or increasing their leverage accordingly).

This feature acts as an additional risk-management tool, allowing traders to employ a wider array of trading strategies by providing more flexibility and control over their trades.

To increase or decrease the leverage of a position:

  • Click on the Margin value of a position reflected in the ‘Margin’ column of the ‘Open Positions’ section:

29adjust margin.png

  • In the margin adjustment confirmation window, select the leverage that you want to set and review the changes that will be made to the position:

30Adjust margin confirmation.png

  • Click ‘CONFIRM’ to change leverage

It is important to keep in mind that changing the leverage of a position will also affect the estimated liquidation price.