How to register an account, deposit and begin trading


Register an account

Navigate to the Sign-up page and fill in the required information. Click "Register". You will receive a registration confirmation email. Open this email and click the confirmation link to complete account registration.

Signup page.png



Currently, the following deposit methods are available on Margex:

  1. Direct crypto deposits from another address to your Margex wallet
  2. Purchase crypto with a bank card using Changelly or Changenow

To make a deposit:

  • Navigate to the Wallet page and click +Deposit:

Deposit button.png

  • In the drop down menu, click on the currency that you wish to deposit:

Deposit drop down menu.png

  • Copy your Margex deposit address and paste it into the destination field on the site/wallet from which you are transferring funds.

The following assets are currently available for deposits:

USDC (USD Coin)ETH (Ethereum)
USDP (Pax Dollar)TRX (Tron)
LINK (Chainlink)
WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)

To purchase crypto using a bank card simply click on the ‘Buy Crypto’ button to make a purchase directly through Changelly and follow the instructions provided:

4Deposit buy crypto button.png

For a quick and easy-to-understand deposit tutorial as well as additional details regarding deposits, see our help center article: How to make a deposit.



To begin trading, navigate to the Trade page:

5Order placement module.png

In the order placement module, select the desired order parameters:

  • Collateral currency
  • Trading pair
  • Order type
  • Order size
  • Leverage

Click Buy or Sell to place a corresponding Buy or Sell order

(Alternatively, selecting the % of margin to be used in a trade will automatically calculate order parameters.)

For a detailed breakdown of the Trade interface, see our comprehensive guide Trade interface overview.

To learn more about different order types, how to place and manage orders, see Orders and Positions