How to register an account, deposit and begin trading

Register an account

Navigate to the registration page and fill in the required information. Click "Register". You will receive a registration confirmation email. Open this email and click the confirmation link.

Margex Signup screen highlights


Navigate to the "Wallet page" and click "+Deposit":

Margex Wallet deposit button highlight
Select one of the desired deposit options:
  1. Direct BTC deposits from another BTC wallet to your Margex account Wallet
  2. Bank card deposits via Changelly

For a quick and easy-to-understand deposits tutorial, see "How to make a deposit".

Margex Deposit screen highlights


To begin trading, navigate to the "Trade page".

Margex Trade input fields highlight

Select the desired order parameters such as the instrument that you wish to trade and order type , size, leverage and click BUY/LONG or SELL/SHORT to place a corresponding order.

Order placement module

Margex Trade input fields highlights

The order placement module located on the left-hand side of the trade interface is used to place orders and reflects your balance info:

  1. 1) Balance - total amount of funds in your Wallet
  2. 2) Available balance - funds that can currently be used to open new trades, pay fees and cover any losses. (i.e available balance = total balance - margin cost of open positions)
  3. 3) Order types - Limit, Market, Stop Market
  4. 4) Order size USD - full size of your order (in USD) taking into account selected leverage
  5. 5) Order size BTC - full size of your order (in BTC) taking into account selected leverage
  6. 6) Leverage - used to select your leverage for new orders
  7. 7) Buy/Sell - place a long (buy) order or a short (sell) order
  8. 8) Margin cost - the amount of personal funds which are required and reserved in order to open a position
  9. 9) Funding - the funding countdown timer