Trade interface

The Trade page, otherwise known as the Trading Terminal, is where all trading activity is performed by a trader. Here you will be able to monitor the market via Charts, place and manage Orders and Positions and view detailed history of your Orders/Positions.

Margex Trade screen highlights

Here traders are be able to monitor the market, place and manage orders, control their open deals and view details of their order/deals history.

The Trading terminal consists consists of:
  1. Chart and order placement module (outlined in yellow)
  2. Order and Deals management module (outlined in green)
  3. Order Book and Last Trades (outlined in blue)

Let’s review each separate module:

Order placement module

Margex Trade input fields highlights

The order placement module located on the left-hand side of the trade interface is used to place orders and reflects your balance info:

  1. 1) Balance - total amount of funds in your Wallet
  2. 2) Available balance - funds that can currently be used to open new trades, pay fees and cover any losses. (i.e available balance = total balance - margin cost of open positions)
  3. 3) Order types - Limit, Market, Stop Market
  4. 4) Order size USD - full size of your order (in USD) taking into account selected leverage
  5. 5) Order size BTC - full size of your order (in BTC) taking into account selected leverage
  6. 6) Leverage - used to select your leverage for new orders
  7. 7) Buy/Sell - place a long (buy) order or a short (sell) order
  8. 8) Margin cost - the amount of personal funds which are required and reserved in order to open a position
  9. 9) Funding - the funding countdown timer

Order and Deals management module (outlined in green)

Margex Trade table Open Positions

Here traders can manage all active Orders and open Positions. This module is highly customizable and allows traders to add/remove desired columns, filter orders and positions by date as well as view orders and positions history

Order Book

Margex Trade Order Book

TheOrder Book reflects the current Buy (ask) and Sell (bid) Limit orders of market participants. The Order Book acts as an additional instrument that helps traders monitor market activity and provides valuable information when making trading decisions.

Last Trades

Margex Trade Last Trades

Last Trades reflects the last performed trades on the market in real time. This provides additional valuable information for traders when making trading decisions.