What is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading on Margex enables Traders to create and control their own strategies, or follow strategies of other successful traders. A Strategy is essentially a pool of a trader's funds which Followers can copy by simply enrolling their own funds into the Strategy, creating a mutually beneficial opportunity for both skilled traders and followers to increase their profit potential.

Anytime a Trader makes a profitable trade, Followers will receive a percentage of the profits, based on the amount of their personal Equity enrolled in the Strategy.

The Trader will then receive a success fee from the profits generated by their Followers.

On Margex, Followers can copy multiple strategies at once, which allows both Followers and Traders, to maximise each other's profit potential.

Learn how to start Following any Strategy and start earning Rewards in just a few quick steps

Tips for choosing a Strategy. Learn about different and key indicators to take into account when looking for a Strategy that suits you

Lean how to manage your Followings, deposits/withdraw funds from a Strategy and keep track of your Followings' statistics

Learn how to create your own Strategy, gain Followers and earn Rewards

Learn how to keep track of your Strategies and Transaction History and how to begin trading with a Strategy

Rewards and Profit distribution. Learn about Follower Tiers and how/when rewards are calculated and distributed for Followers and Traders

Learn about key profit and performance indicators of a Strategy and how they are derived.

Learn about the various tools that can help you customize and tailor your Strategy in accordance with your preferences.