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XeniosCoin Price Prediction 2023: Long-Term Predictions From 2023-2030
Price Predictions

XeniosCoin Price Prediction 2023: Long-Term Predictions From 2023-2030

By Oreld Hadilberg
Reviewed by Tony Spilotro

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Even though cryptocurrencies have garnered much attention all over the globe, they are often tagged with insecurities and instability due to their highly volatile nature. However, this notion is about to change with XeniosCoin, a cryptocurrency designed to eliminate the greatest fear of crypto enthusiasts and holders' lack of liquidity by bridging the gap between the instability of digital assets and the stability of stable coins.

Through XeniosCoin, the Xenios blockchain has created an eco-friendly blockchain with the ability to carry out fast transactions with impressive scalability at a very low fee.

Recently the XNC coin has captured the attention of several crypto investors and financial analysts, with many of them wondering how far this coin will go in value and circulation. This article will present this information and highlight some long-term price predictions by prominent coin analysts.

What Is XeniosCoin (XNC)?

XeniosCoin is an ingenious tool created by the xenios blockchain as a fast, secure, anonymous, and scalable payment method for blockchain-based businesses and the world of digital finance. The coin encompasses the structure of stablecoin and simultaneously holds on to its origin as a volatile cryptocurrency, making it semi-stable.

It also thrives on Smart Contract Functionalities and harnesses the power of blockchain technology to provide and power an eco-friendly blockchain that allows the execution of multiple transactions with near zero fees through masternodes that can verify over 2000 XNC transactions in split seconds.

Further, XeniosCoin uses a hybrid mix of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism to achieve consensus, giving it the speed and scalability of PoS and unmatched security of PoW protocol.

Currently, the XeniosCoin serves the purpose of governance and utility on the Xenios platform. In addition, the Hellenic blockchain has adopted it as its official currency and will be used for yearly subscriptions of members.

According to Coin Market Cap, the coin is presently valued at $0.50, ranking 424th in the crypto market with a total market capitalization of over $37 million. It has a total supply of 108 million tokens, with over 76 million in circulation and the rest allocated to other sections for the platform's development.

Brief History OF Xenios (XNC)

The word Xenios originates from Greek terminology connected to the Greek mythology of Zeus Xenios, a Greek god charged with the responsibility of protecting Xenia.

The term Xenia in Greek means "guest friendship," and it's a sacred rule that binds all Greeks to be hospitable and generous to strangers, strengthening the bond between host and guest through exchanging gifts that can be either material or abstract.  

Emmanouil Kafouros and Anastasios Oureilidis co-founded the Xenios platform in the last quarter of 2019 with that exact principle in mind. They both discerned that the crypto industry now has over 2000 cryptocurrencies, but sadly only a few platforms have conquered the menace of inadequate scalability, speed, and security.

In addition, the crypto industry is not environmentally friendly due to gaseous emissions and extreme power consumption that result from mining. They felt the crypto industry needed a touch of hospitality; that's why they created an eco-friendly blockchain that consumes less power with incredible scalability, speed, and security, tackling the most common problem of the blockchain ecosystem at once.

They also designed a semi-stable cryptocurrency to power the blockchain network and serve as a payment method for lightning-speed transactions.  

The platform released its green paper in March 2021.

The Protocol Xenios (XNC) Uses

Xenios achieves consensus through a hybrid protocol called the X11 hybrid consensus algorithm, and it functions through dual nodes known as Masternode and Software masternodes.

Both are responsible for verifying thousands of transactions on the blockchain within the twinkle of an eye resulting in an ecosystem capable of handling millions of transactions with extreme speed and low fees.

Currently, anyone that wants to acquire a Soft masternode will need to have about 30000 XNC tokens in their crypto wallet, and it produces an average of 25 XNC tokens daily for an estimated duration of at least 200 years, with a block halving occurring at every 200,000 blocks, in addition only 30 masternodes will be available.

Masternodes, on the other hand, costs 1000,000 XNC tokens; only three will be available for acquisition, and they produce an average of 550-750 XNC tokens lasting for 200 years, and a block halving occurs every 4,000,000 blocks.

What Makes Xenios Unique Among Other Cryptocurrencies?

The platform's main aim is to provide a blockchain that will tackle the everyday problems of blockchain in the crypto world and offer an eco-friendly environment in line with its fundamental principle of hospitality and generosity toward strangers and guests.

In addition, the XNC blockchain can execute 20,000 microtransactions in a minute, making it a one-of-a-kind Fintech solution in the industry. The blockchain native token XeniosCoin also has a macroeconomic structure ensuring that the coin maintains a stable minimum price providing unlimited liquidity for investors.

Finally, the XNC coin's dual nature makes it unique as a means of exchange and a digital asset.

Maximum Supply


Circulating supply 


All-time high


All-time low


24h low/high


30d change


Trading volume


Important Factors That Affect The Price of Xenios

Even with its semi-stable nature, like all volatile assets, XeniosCoin price responds to some factors that can either shoot up its price sporadically or cause a significant loss in value. This section will highlight some essential factors that influence the price of cryptocurrencies, including semi-stable coins like XNC.


External factors like demand greatly influence the price of cryptocurrencies, including XeniosCoin. The coin hit its first all-time low in March 2021 same time the platform released its green paper, but increased demand propelled it forward to its first all-time high of $5.01 just five months later, on August 22, 2021.

However, sadly it could not keep up with the momentum as sellers toppled buyers, and the coin price dropped significantly. The price of Xenios is $0.485 representing a 2.5% decrease in 24hrs and a 90% decrease from its all-time high of about a year ago.


For a cryptocurrency to maintain its price and not lose its value, it needs to have a capped supply, as infinite supply can result in a loss in value because availability has overshadowed demand leading to excessive leftovers with no one to buy.

For Xenios, this is not the case at all because they have planned to create some scarcity by minting only 108 million tokens, putting them ahead of cryptocurrencies with unlimited supply that could lose value sooner or later.

Crypto Exchanges

Once a new token is minted, several crypto exchanges analyze its movement, watching how far it will go for the first few months.

Once it's perceived that the token has value and is attracting the attention of crypto investors, they step in to add it to the cryptocurrencies available for purchase and trading on their platform.

The more the crypto exchanges, the more the coin gains publicity leading to a spike in price. Once a well-known crypto exchange lists a currency, it puts it in line for increased activity and purchase.

Currently, XNC is yet to be listed on the Margex platform, but you can trade and stake your crypto assets on the Margex platform using its unique trading features to increase your income revenue by up to 13% APY.

XeniosCoin Past Price Performance: A Complete History OF XeniosCoin

Xenios launched in 2019 as a 3-in-1 blockchain solution and payment network with XNC, its native token. It started trading in 2019 at $0.09 and hit its all-time low of $0.06 in January 2020. It continued to stray from its all-time high before setting a new record in August 2021 when it hit a peak of $5.01; it couldn't maintain the momentum and fell back a few months later due to excessive selling than buying.

How Is XeniosCoin Doing Now?

Presently, XeniosCoin is affected by the ongoing bear market, and its price has plummeted to $0.11, representing a %95 decrease from its ATH of $5.01 in 2021. However, it still soars high above its All time low of 2021 with 645.08% having a handsome ROI ( Return on investment) of 379.95% increase.

Bear markets seem to be the worst season for a cryptocurrency; nevertheless, skilled traders know that it's the perfect time to buy in bulk due to lower price that results from a loss in value because, in the coming months or years, the market will rise again. All crypto assets will soar to life, bringing bountiful yields to those who, in a manner of  saying, "bought the dip."

Xenios may be down at the moment, but there are ways to still earn from it, like staking to earn more XNC. Note, however, that even though the rewards are somewhat greater than the risks, it will be wise to consider the unexpected effects of prolonged bear markets and always do your research as this is not financial advice (NFA).

Current Price Predictions Of XeniosCoin

XeniosCoin is currently valued at $0.11, with a daily high of $0.112 and a low of $0.1. In the past 7 days, it has gained a 4.1% increase in price and a 2.56% decrease in the last 24 hours.

For now, it has continued to stray far away from its ATH with about a 90% decrease, just like top crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Short-term Price Predictions Of XeniosCoin For 2023

XeniosCoin gained momentum at its onset and peaked nearly two years after its launch. However, it's currently experiencing a severe downturn, first from crashing from its ATH and second from the crypto market, which has continued in its bearish trend, bringing it to its lowest. Nevertheless, like the previous bear market that preceded it, it will end, giving way to a bullish season.

The chart below presents the short-term price prediction of XeniosCoin for 2023


Minimum price

Maximum price




Long-Term Price Predictions Of XeniosCoin For 2023

At the beginning of 2022, crypto assets were still in good shape, and even though Bitcoin had slightly dropped in price, there were several possibilities of it rising and surpassing its current ATH, but mid-2022 came with a severe bear market. In 2023 price prediction experts expect that XeniosCoin will shoot up in price.

Below is a long-term price forecast of XeniosCoin for 2023.


Minimum price

Average price

Maximum price

















































Long Term Price Prediction Of XeniosCoin:2023-2030

By 2030 XNC must have been around for roughly 9 years and Bitcoin for 21 years; therefore, cryptocurrency must have had a wider adoption into mainstream economies and may even be a stronghold in the economic sector of the whole globe. This price forecast spans 7 years, and the table below displays its data.


Minimum price

Average price

Maximum price

































XeniosCoin Long-Term Price Prediction By Experts

Several prediction experts have developed long-term price forecasts for XNC after carefully analyzing its past price datum and behavioral pattern in certain conditions. Experts like CaptainAltcoin, PricePredictions, and wallet investors have all made long-term price predictions speculating what the price of XeniosCoin will be in the future.

However, it's important to note that it's only a calculated guess based on an analysis of past price data. No one can say for sure what cryptocurrency's price will be in the future because of their volatility, including semi-stable coins like XeniosCoin.

XeniosCoin Long-Term Price Forecast By Price prediction

Analysis of past price data of XNC by Price Prediction, a prominent coin prediction expert, has led them to come up with a long-time price forecast of XeniosCoin spanning 5 years, 2022-27. By the end of 2022, they expect the coin to be valued at an average of $0.54 and rise to a minimum level of $0.77 by 2023 and a trading price of $0.79 at the end of the year.

By the beginning of 2024, the token should have risen to a minimum price of $1.02 and closed the year with a maximum level of $1.29. 2025 will see it grow to an average of $1.55 and max at $1.77, while by 2026, it should have reached a maximum price of $2.65 and a $3.65 peak by the end of 2027.

With this price forecast, we see that PricePrediction have high hopes for XNC, and they believe that it will soar from its current $0.48 to an average of $3.31 by 2027.

Long-Term Price Predictions Of XeniosCoin By CaptainAltcoin

CaptainAltcoin, another cryptocurrency price expert, has made a long-term prediction of XeniosCoin for the next 18 years, 2022-2040. However, they only pinpointed the significant years, which are 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, and 2040. By the end of 2022, they speculate that the coin will fall to $0.36 and rise slightly by mid-2023 to $0.49, only to fall to $0 by 2025 and remain like that till 2040.

With this forecast price, it is evident that CaptainAltcoin expects XeniosCoin to drop to a minimum level of $0, it can seem impossible, but it's important to remember that XeniosCoin is semistable and is still affected by the volatility of cryptocurrencies to some degree.  But it's just a speculation based on a deep technical analysis of XeniosCoin. If you want to buy long-term or invest, always do your research as this is NFA(Not Financial Advice).

Long-Term Price Estimation Of XeniosCoin By TechNewsLeader

Technewsleader, an expert in crypto price predictions, has also developed a long-term price forecast for XeniosCoin that spans 10 years, 2022-30. Still, unlike CaptainAltcoin, they believe that XNC will achieve greater heights in the coming years, sharing the same optimistic view with PricePrediction.

By the end of 2022, they speculate that XNC will have risen to a maximum price of $0.79 and start the year 2023 with an average trading price of $1.05. in 2024 it will continue its bullish run and rise to a max price of $1.80, continually rising all through 2025-30 and peaking at a max price of $16.66 by the end of 2030. Then by 2031, it will shoot up to an average price of $21.92 and a max price of $24.84 towards the end of the year.

Long-Term Price prediction Of XeniosCoin By CoinDataFlow

Coindataflow has based its predictions on XNC following Bitcoins' previous price patterns, and they have come up with a long-term price forecast for XeniosCoin. Coindataflow speculates that if XNC has 1% of Bitcoins' last average price in 2023, it will be valued at $0.477, and by 2024, it will rise to $0.489,  spiraling to $0.502 in 2025 and peaking at $0.515 price value in 2026.

Coindataflow price forecast, unlike the others based on its speculation that XNC will follow the same behavioral pattern as BTC when it was in its formative years.

Long-Term Price Estimation Of XeniosCoin By WallletInvestor

WalletInvestor believes that XNC will have an unstable run with minimal momentum, rising briefly only to fall again. At the beginning of 2023, XNC is expected to rise to a maximum price of $0.680 and trade at an average of $0.501 but will continue to drop, and by 2024, it will be valued at $0.142 as the maximum price.

2025-27 will see it drop again to a last minimum level of $0.0495  by the end of 2027 completing the analysis.

Price Prediction By Margex Technical Analysis

Margex is a Bitcoin-based derivative crypto trading platform equipped with one of the best trading features and tools for technical analysis of digital assets and staking of crypto assets to assist both long-term and short-term crypto traders in making profits even in the most intense period in the crypto industry.

Margex, with its unique features, enables traders to trade crypto assets with up to 100x leverage size while also allowing the staking of your tradable crypto assets. This means you can trade and stake your tokens to earn up to 13% APY. All staking rewards are sent to your staking balance daily with the help of the Margex automated system with no lockup periods.

In addition, Margex constantly scrutinizes assets listed on their platforms to avoid illiquid assets with artificially inflated prices associated with pump and dump, protecting their users and all traders on their platform from

loss of token. Therefore any non-supported token on the platform has been vetted and discerned as unworthy for some reason and disqualified to protect their users.

After seeing an all-time high of $4, the price of the XNC coin has struggled to regain the run it showed as the bear market has affected its price. With its use case and backing from investors, the price of XNC would recover and re-ignite its bullish run to a high of $4 and higher.

Frequently Asked Questions About XeniosCoin Answered

XNC, Xenios, and XeniosCoin are terms that can be very confusing. In this section, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding XeniosCoin

How High Can XeniosCoin Go?

According to XNC price prediction by Technewsleader, XNC is expected to go as high as $24.84 by 2031, while PricePrediction speculates that it will reach $3.31 by 2027; CaptainAltcoin, on the other hand, expects it to go as high as $0.49 and crash to zero by 2025.

However, Coindataflow speculates that its maximum possible level could go as high as $24.84 by 2031.

Is XeniosCoin (XNC) A Good Investment?

XNC has gotten to a high of $5.01 before crashing and continuing to stay down due to the current bearish plumb in the crypto Market.

By the end of this bearish season, XNC may achieve its ATH or surpass it; if it does, it will prove to be a good investment for long-term and short-term traders.

How Much Will XeniosCoin Will Be Worth In Five Years?

XNC price prediction by CaptainAltcoin expects XeniosCoin to crash to zero in five years. On the other hand, PricePredictions' average forecast price for XNC in five years is $3.65.