Follow, copy, profit. Maximize gains, minimize effort.

Follow, copy, profit. Maximize gains, minimize effort.

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How to Copy Trade on Margex

  1. Choose a Trader
    Choosing the right trader for you involves a thorough examination of each trader's track record and all the data available on the Margex copy trading platform. Be sure to consider traders that meet your risk level and profit goals. A good trader worth copying should also demonstrate consistent results and a track record of safe trading practices
  2. Click Follow
    This is the easy part. Simply click "Follow" and all trades made by the selected trader will be automatically copied using Margex's innovative copy trading software. Users can also follow multiple traders at once for a diversified copy trading portfolio that covers all bases.
  3. Choose an Amount
    Followers have to decide how much capital to allocate to follow a trader. Carefully select the amount of funds you want to follow the trader with, and enter it into the copy trading platform
  4. Confirm and Start Copying
    After reviewing all the information, click "Follow" to complete the process and start reaping the benefits of more experienced traders.
  5. Get Started
    Choose a TraderClick FollowChoose an AmountConfirm and Start Copying

Benefits of Copy Trading Crypto with Margex

Great for Beginners

If you don't want to get into technical analysis and chart patterns, just let the more experienced and consistently profitable traders do all the trading for you. At the same time, experienced traders can analyze other top performing traders and apply some of their techniques to their own strategies.

Great for Beginners
Margex Copy Trading

Benefit from the experience of others

Active trading requires a lot of time, nerves of steel, discipline, patience and a great deal of experience in losing capital to become profitable. When you use Margex's Copy Trading, you are using the years experience of other traders and letting them do all the hard work for you while you can concentrate on other things or just watch their actions and learn something for yourself.

Benefit from the experience of others
Save Your Time

Remain In Control

While experienced managers do the hard work for you, you still remain in full control. You decide which strategies to follow, how much capital is at stake and what risk management tools to apply.

Remain In Control
Margex Copy Trading

Perpetual markets with unlimited opportunities

Time in the market beats timing the market. Cryptocurrencies are complex and potentially risky, especially during periods of high volatility. While everyone loses capital from market fluctuations, you can gain by using the expertise of someone who knows how to tame candlestick charts under any conditions.

Perpetual markets with unlimited opportunities
Right place to go

Double Protection Technology

MP Shield System

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and still relatively new. The consequences of price manipulation have been seen repeatedly.

To counter this, we have developed MP Shield, which protects our clients from the downsides of price manipulation, which often leads to unfair liquidation of user funds on other platforms.

Smart follow

Does 0.1 second matter? In cryptocurrency trading, yes. That's why we developed another unique technology - Smart follow, which protects followers and provides them with the same trading conditions as the trader.

Positions for all followers of a strategy are managed at the same moment and when a position is profitable, it is profitable for all followers. Thanks to Smart follow technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is crypto copy trading?
    Crypto copy trading is a revolutionary new trading feature that connects users of all levels with experienced traders and allows them to copy the trades of those successful traders. Although the feature is relatively new, copy trading is becoming increasingly popular on cryptocurrency trading platforms.
  • Is copy trading profitable?
    Cryptocurrency copy trading is only as profitable as the trader who is chosen to be followed. If that trader is profitable, then copying his trades will provide a return to anyone who joins his fund. Copy traders on Margex regularly show higher than average performance.
  • Is copy trading in crypto safe?
    Copy trading is not risk-free, as cryptocurrencies are volatile assets. Fund managers are given access to risk management tools to prevent maximum drawdowns and significant losses.
  • Is copy trading a good choice for beginners?
    Copy trading is a great way for newbies to gain access to industry leaders while learning from the traders they copy. Copy trading can also lead to steady capital growth, which can give beginners an early start to success.
  • Is copy trading free?
    Trade copy services are free. However, the profit-sharing model splits the revenue from the copied trades between the manager, the follower and the crypto copy trading platform in the form of a commission.
  • How does crypto copy trading work?
    Copy trading crypto works by connecting users and copy traders together using a synergistic software solution provided by the Margex trading platform. One has to select a fund manager, allocate their capital to the trader and confirm to start copying trades.
  • What is the best crypto copy trading platform?
    There are several cryptocurrency trading platforms that are trusted by the cryptocurrency community, with Margex being one of them, offering advanced trading tools, staking and other unique features.