Quant Price Prediction 2023-2030

No industry has been spared from the might of the blockchain industry, as it has successfully made itself part and parcel of those industries boosting their efficiency and profit.

Among the blockchain platforms that are through use in serving other industries is Quant, a platform that was designed to unlock the power of blockchain through an interoperable ecosystem and real-world solutions that reduce risks and costs and help individuals to build new businesses.

QNT, the native token of the platform, was designed to function as a standard ERC-20 token. It serves the purpose of utility and powering the network. Recently several crypto prediction experts and coin analysts have taken a keen interest in the token for its growth potential and use cases that cut across many industries.

These experts wonder how far QNT will go, and with careful analysis, they have come up with long-term price predictions for QNT. In this article, we will briefly discuss the Quants ecosystem, then highlight the long/short-term price prediction of QNT by experts.

What Is Quant (QNT)

Quant is a blockchain platform designed to bridge all blockchains and boosts the efficiency of multi-chain dApps by eliminating scaling, communication, and interoperability barriers through its OverLedger. With OverLedger, the platform aims to build an interface that will connect all global networks to multiple blockchains and also link existing chains to new ones, solving the issue of interoperability.

Aside from that, the network also works with OverLedger Distributed Ledger Technology, a protocol designed to support interoperability between networks for large customers and blockchain systems.

Quant network also features mDapps, a version of multi-DLT that supports interoperability between decentralized applications

The platform was built on the Ethereum network by Gilbert Verdian in 2015. It thus enabled it to benefit from the numerous functionalities on the network, like DeFi and DEX interoperability, security, and blockchain-based games.

The network is open-sourced, enabling developers or individuals without prior programming knowledge to install it. QNT is the native token of the platform. It functions as a standard ERC-20 token and serves multiple purposes, including network utility. Currently, it’s worth $118.42, ranking 32nd in the crypto market with a market capitalization of over $1 billion.

Brief History Of Quant

Quant network launched in 2018 as a blockchain platform aiming to drive worldwide adoption of interoperability. It was able to solve the problem with OverLedger and OverLedger DLT.

However, It was founded in 2015 by Gilbert Verdian, who at the time was working in the health sector; he believed that interoperability is needed in all fields; for the medical industry, Gilbert discovered that with interoperability, all patients registered on different platforms are covered through a single system.

Verdian has been in the industry for over 20 years and has gathered a lot of experience in security, technology, and business strategy worldwide. Before founding Quant, he worked as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Vocalink, eHealth, and security lead of the ministry of justice in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Paolo Tasca, a digital economist and entrepreneur specializing in distributed systems, joined Gilbert in 2017 as co-founder. Tasca served as a special advisor on blockchain technologies for the United Nations, the EU, and several central banks. He is also a prolific writer who has co-authored several books on Fintech.

Gilbert designed ISO Standard TC 307 and founded the Quant platform in 2015 on the Ethereum network. ISO Standard TC 307 makes interoperability between chains possible and is currently used by 57 countries for developing blockchains.

The Protocol Quant Network Uses

Quant network is powered by OverLedger DLT Gateway protocol, which provides an API link for platforms to connect their tech infrastructure to multi-chain ledgers. OverLedger systems make it possible for developers to launch Multi chain dApps which involves creating applications compatible with existing blockchains.

QNT, the native token of the platform, is instrumental in paying license fees to access OverLedger systems; besides that, developers must hold QNT in their wallet before they can access MdApps in the network.

The quant network also has its blockchain-agnostic token, QRC-20, designed similarly to the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. Developers and users without prior cryptographic or programming knowledge can easily create QRC-20 tokens on the Quant ecosystem through intelligent contracts.

What Makes Quant Different From Other Cryptocurrencies?

Quant is the first blockchain platform to solve the issue of interoperability, and it has set the standard that over 57 countries are utilizing to date for blockchain development. In addition, it’s not limited to only the blockchain industry but cuts across several other industries.

The platform overLedger is also attracting the attention of many European banks and financial institutions, who are already leveraging it to connect their infrastructure to global networks through its shared API technology.

Quant has partnered with many platforms to assist them with the OverLedger technology, for they partnered with LCX exchange in April 2021 to improve the settlement technology of CBDCs using OverLedger.





Maximum Supply 


Circulating supply 


All-time high


All-time low


24h low/high


30d change 


Trading volume


Factors That Influence The Price Of Quant

Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets that respond to external factors shaping how their prices will turn out. Sometimes they help it achieve greater heights, and other times they send it plunging. In this section, we will consider some common factors that affect the price of Quant and other cryptocurrencies.

News Body

News bodies and social media platforms are instrumental in the publicity of a crypto asset; it could work for its growth or lead it to crash. When the news about an asset is positive, there is much Fomo in the air, and people rush to get a piece of the digital asset rocking the town; this rush will bring about increased demand, in turn, many sales and an increase in token price value.

But once the news is negative, it could lead to panic selling,  discouraging potential buyers and investors, and a downtrend in price value. A perfect example is Dogecoin, a crypto asset that attracted the attention of the Current CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk; he tweeted about it in a positive light, and news bodies carried the information on their platforms. This singular event brought about a tremendous increase in the token.

Quant also made news when it was reported that it has continued to remain bullish despite the turbulent times all crypto assets are facing due to the ongoing bearish plumb.

Black Swan Events

The whole world was gripped in fear when the pandemic struck in 2020. It crippled several businesses and put a strain on the world economy due to the inability to carry-on physical business activities.

Many companies closed down, and the workers bore most of the brunt, lockdown made everything worse, and people could not leave their homes. It was at this time that people started to find business opportunities that could fetch income and not require mobility, crypto began to get much recognition, and before long, there was an increase in all asset prices, including Quant, which achieved its all-time high of $428 in 2021.

Government Regulation

Government policies affect the price of a cryptocurrency, sometimes, they are strict and harsh, but the aim is to protect consumers from falling victim to scams. For example, government regulation prohibits a platform from using customers for personal gain, any organization that does such is liable for prosecution.

When crypto platforms follow these policies, they show that they respect the government and care about their users, which will, in turn, attract more investors to the platform, increasing price value.

However, when a platform disobeys this policy, it could lead to disaster, and their asset prices will drop drastically; that is precisely what happened to the FTX exchange, which went bankrupt due to the management of customers’ funds. Currently FTX token dropped from $22 to $1.55 in a short while. Quant network, on the other hand, is very compliant with government policy and respects the privacy and funds of their users.

Quant Past Price Performance: A Complete Price History Of Quant

Quant started at a floor price of $1.51 after it raised $15 million in its initial coin offering that lasted close to a month, from April 02 to 30, 2018. However, it fell after some time to $0.25 due to sellers toppling buyers, as is standard for ICO tokens. In November, the platform launched the overLedger, its interoperability operating system, and its price surged to $3.21 due to the hype surrounding the recent event.

After launch, the price continued to rise due to its usefulness to developers who want to build cross-chain applications on the platform and its other use cases. By November 2020, it had increased to $15.74, just 2 years after its first price surge. 2021 was the year when QNT rose tremendously; even though it started with a price value of $11.02, it skyrocketed to $419.20, all thanks to some upgrades and listing by exchanges.

QNT experienced a 3700% increase in value compared to what it was in January of 2021, it was featured in many publications, and the publicity made it one of the best altcoins for the year. However, it could not maintain the price in 2022 as it dropped to $92.22 by January and the bear market that gripped the market in May made matters worse, preventing it from touching its all-time high to date. But before that, it briefly touched $148.86 in March before crashing badly to $44.46 in June.

However, it experienced some increase in October when it reached $213.40 due to a drop in QNT supply on exchanges as developers purchased in high quantities to utilize OverLedger and retail traders bought it for investment purposes.

How Is Quant Doing Now

Quant is currently worth $119.38, ranking 32nd in the crypto market with a market capitalization of $1,449,568,300, representing a 3.21% increase in the last 24 hours. Its 24-hour trading volume has dropped by 6.57% to 44,031,003, with a market dominance of 0.17%. QNT currently trades at a daily high of $119.39 and a low of $118.12.

Even though with its current price, it has lost over 72% of its all-time high, it still soars above its all-time low of $0.1636 with a 73,183.03% increase in value, according to Coin Market Cap. Despite its current condition, QNT is quite remarkable because it has remained quite bullish compared to some top assets that have not only strayed far away from their ATH but have not been bullish for some time now due to the current prolonged bear market.

Current Price Prediction Of Quant

Even though QNT has remained quite bullish despite the bear market, it’s not immune to the impact it has had on other assets, and it has also prevented it from reaching its lost ATH and achieving new ones. The crypto market is not only affected by the bear market. but all assets are feeling the negative effect of the FTX exchange bankruptcy.

The exchange, which is part of the top in the industry, houses several assets and even custodied about 90% of some platforms’ tokens. Its crash has left all those platforms hanging, and some face possible bankruptcy. The event brought about a wave of panic selling, driving the price of assets in the market down.

However, hopefully, a bullish run will ensue in the coming month, and all crypto assets will return to life.

Long-Term Quant Price Prediction For 2023

2022 has not been a good year altogether for crypto assets; the bear market that came in May, coupled with the recent crash of one of the largest exchanges in the industry, has made the price of cryptocurrencies plunge. However, crypto price prediction experts have made a long-term price prediction of quant that covers the whole month in 2023.

The table below shows long-term quant price prediction for 2023


Maximum price

Minimum price





































Long-Term Quant Price Prediction For 2023-2030

By 2030 cryptocurrencies must have become excessively popular due to their numerous use cases and financial benefits. Many countries may incorporate them into the mainstream economy because it has proved reliable and efficient. Price prediction experts have made long-term QNT price prediction that covers 2023-2030

The table below shows the data for the  long-term Quant Price prediction for 2023-2030


Maximum price 

Minimum price

























Long-Term Price Prediction By Experts

The crypto industry is filled with crypto price experts who conduct technical analysis on the price history of crypto assets and use the results to forecast long and short-term Price predictions.

These experts include Swapspace, Bitnation, Technewsleader, Coincodex, and  Capital.com. All these experts are keenly interested in QNT and have made long-term Quant Price forecasts to predict its price in the coming years and months.

Their price predictions are based on calculated guesses; while it is pretty reliable because they are experts in what they do,  it’s essential to know that crypto assets are too volatile for an individual to know precisely what their price will be in a specific period, therefore always do your research, before investing or buying any token as this is not financial advice (NFA).

Long-Term Quant Price Prediction By Bitnation

Renowned cryptocurrency price prediction expert Bitnation has made a long-term Quant Price forecast from 2022 to 2030. According to their prediction, QNT will end 2022 with a maximum price of $215.84, an average price of $179.87, and will reach $143.90 as the minimum price. In 2023 it will rise to an average price of $299.78, a minimum price of $263.81, and a maximum price of $335.76; moving on to 2024, it will experience a significant increase that will take it to $455.67 as the maximum price of $419.70 as average price and $383.72 as a minimum price.

According to Bitnation Quant price prediction, 2025 will see it reach a maximum price of $575.58, an average price of $539.61, and a minimum of $503.63; by 2026, it will rise to a minimum price of $623.55, an average of $659.52, and a maximum price of $695.50. QNT price prediction for 2027 will see it reach $779.43 as the average price, $743.46 as the minimum price, and $815.41 as the maximum price; QNT token price action for 2028 is that it will increase to $935.32 as the maximum price, $863.37 as the minimum price and $899.35 as an average price.

Bitnation’s Quant price prediction expects the QNT token to increase to $1,055.23 as its possible maximum, $983.29 as the minimum, and $1,019.26 as the average price value. 2030, which completes the Bitnation quant long-term Price prediction, speculates that the coin will skyrocket to $1,103.20 as the minimum price, $1,139.17 as the average price, and $1,175.15 as its maximum price.

According to Bitnation QNT price prediction, quant has lots of growth potential. However, it’s only a prediction based on its past price behavior, cryptocurrencies are volatile, and such can’t be predictable, therefore always do your research.

Quant Long-Term Price Forecasts By Coincodex

Coincodex, another well-known crypto price prediction expert, has developed a long-term Price prediction of Quant from 2023-2025. Their prediction is based on four factors, internet growth, mobile growth, google growth, and Facebook growth. Each carries a signal, and the strongest is “Strong Buy” according to Coincodex quant price prediction, there will be a buy signal for 2023-2025 based on the growth of the internet, and a strong buy based the Google growth, based on Facebook there is also a strong buy signal, while according to mobile growth there is a buy signal.

The strongest signal suggests that by 2025 Quant will reach $1,147.92, according to Google growth.

Long-Term Price Prediction Of Quant By Swapspace

Swapspace, another prominent crypto price prediction expert, has made a long-term price forecast of QNT tokens from 2022 to 2030. However, their price prediction is based on the speculations of other experts like Trading beast, Wallet investor, and PricePrediction.

For 2022 they are going with Trading beast’s pessimistic view that the token will drop to $114.44 and PricePrediction’s more pessimistic view that it will drop to $35.673, while in 2023, Trading beast expects it to rise a bit to $121.586; wallet investors, on the other hand, speculates it will drop to $114.153.

By 2024 Trading beast forecast that QNT price will rise to $131.955; Walletinvestor is also optimistic and believes it can go as high as $174.79. in 2025 Trading beast and walletinvestor share the same sentiments and expects QNT token to rise to $140.02 and $189.06, respectively.

Moving to 2030, the final year of the quant price prediction, Wallet investors remain optimistic and expect it to grow. However, Trading Beast has changed to a more pessimistic view expecting the token to drop to $35.006 as the closing price for the year.

Swapspace did not make any predictions of its own; instead, it decided to follow the predictions of other prominent experts. According to each expert, the token will experience some rise and fall before 2030; however, only Walletinvestor had an optimistic view. The predictions of Trading beast may seem impossible, but cryptocurrencies are known to be full of surprises due to their highly volatile nature. Therefore, it’s best to do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Long-Term Quant Price Prediction By Capital.com

Capital.com, another price prediction expert, has followed in the steps of SwapSpace; it gave no Quant price prediction of its own but decided to follow the price prediction by other experts, with Walletinvestor, PricePrediction, and Technewsleader as their points of reference.

Technewsleader predicts that Quant will end 2022 with a maximum price of $228; by 2025-2026, it should have skyrocketed to $1000 and will peak at $4,896.66 as the maximum price value in 2030. PricePrediction also shares the same optimistic view as Technewsleader; they predict that Quant will end 2022 with an average price of $196.57; by 2024, it will increase to $391.42; the following year, 2025, will see it rise to $568.70, and by 2030-2031 it will increase to $3,647.73.

Walletinvestor, however, sees a bearish sign and predicts that in 12 months, it will drop to $83.67 as its price value.

However, it’s important to note that price forecasts should not be the basis for buying or investing in any coin; always do your own research.

Quant Price Prediction By Margex Technical Analysis

Margex is a global cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade different crypto assets with up to 100x leverage size, coupled with a  unique staking feature that allows users to stake and earn but also to withdraw their reward anytime, as there is no lockup period.

Margex offers up to 13% APY to individuals who make their tokens available to its staking pool, and all the rewards are sent directly to individual staking balances through the Margex automated system. There is no shilling of the token with the help of the Margex system that protects tokens from pumps and dumps in the market, making the platform one of a kind.

Margex experts recently conducted a technical analysis of Quant’s past price data to determine its price in the coming years. The token has lost over 72% of its all-time high but still records some bullish trends. However, it will live up to its full potential when the crypto market returns to life and begins an entire bull run.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quant.

People ask many questions about the Quant network and its native token, QNT. In this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Quant.

Will Quant (QNT) Reach $100?

QNT token is currently worth $120 according to the coin market cap

What Will Quant (QNT)Be Worth In 2025?

According to Quant price prediction by Bitnation, the QNT token will be worth $575.58 as the maximum price.

What Will Quant (QNT)Be Worth In Five Years?

According to Quant price prediction by Bitnation, it will reach $815.41 by 2027.

Does Quant (QNT) Crypto Have a Future?

According to Quant price prediction by several experts, the token is expected to increase in coming years.

How High Can Quant (QNT) Get?

According to Quant price prediction by Technewsleader, it is expected to go as high as $4,896.66 by 2030.