Margex infrastructure security
and fraud prevention

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Safeguarding your funds and your privacy is the top priority of Margex

Margex has developed a sophisticated security framework using best industry practices and our own innovative developments. Our security team experts work to ensure your safe, reliable and enjoyable trading experience with Margex

Margex security systems consist of several layers, each including their own security protocols and controls, regularly and thoroughly audited by in-house and independent security experts

User accounts security layer

  • 2FA (Google Authenticator) keeps your account secured even if your email/password have been compromised.
  • Email confirmations for all withdrawals.
  • SSL encryption for all data transferred between Margex and your browser.
  • Email notifications/alerts to ensure that you are aware of all activity on your account.
  • All sensitive account data is encrypted with reliable certified encryption protocols
  • All withdrawals are processed once per day by our treasury department.
  • Dedicated 24/7 live chat and email support to answer and resolve any questions or problems that you may have.

Custodian security layer

  • 100% of all assets are stored in a multisignature offline “cold” storage
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for all asset movements
  • Access segregation system, which eliminates the risk of malicious employees committing fraud from within the company

Trading infrastructure security layer

  • Elastic server infrastructure, able to instantly scale up during peak hours and provide instant order matching and execution speeds with the lowest latency for every client worldwide (even during the highest market volatility)
  • DDOS protection system, guarding Margex from overloads in case of hacking attempts
  • Trading anti-denial service protection, mitigates "unexpected order submission errors" and platform freezes.

Price manipulation and fraud prevention

  • Price feed and suspicious trading activities (spoofing, bluffing) are monitored and negated by our real-time machine learning based system (MP Shield™ System)
  • Liquidity pooling system, which combines multiple liquidity providers into a single, deep orderbook, ensuring the best entry and exit prices along with the thinnest spreads available on the market
  • Price squeezing protection system that executes your order at the price level that you expected
  • Margex does not list assets with low liquidity or highly affected by manipulations

Found a security issue?

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